Florida Division of Corporations through its www.sunbiz.org website provides many useful services including different electronic filing types and forms with all the necessary instructions. Document searches are also performed on the site which provides a lot of information about all the corporations, limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships, trademarks, liens and fictitious name registrations in the Florida State. The Florida Division of Corporations within the Department of State is by statute recognized as an entity that is ministerial and therefore its non-regulatory nature has encouragement more formations of businesses.

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Through sunbiz.org, the Florida Division of Corporations has significantly increased its volume of activities. There is now great ease filing articles of incorporation provided to individuals and groups who use the website. Electronic filing and certifications are user-friendly processes and have increased up to 75% and 55% respectively. By providing to the public the most up-to-date information through www.sunbiz.org, the Florida Division of Corporations protects consumers and businesses alike, ensuring proper conduct of commercial activities by business entities that are properly registered. It makes it easy for everyone including citizens, business entities and law enforcement to use its resources for locating any of the businesses that operate in Florida, thus discouraging any unscrupulous business activities.

At www.sunbiz.org, the electronic filling services offered include but are not limited to annual report filing, fictitious name registration, reinstatement filing, judgment lien filings, fictitious name renewal, FL nonprofit articles of incorporation, FL profit articles of incorporation, FL certificate of limited partnership, FL limited liability company articles of organization, LLC dissolution, corporation dissolution (profit and nonprofit), foreign corporation withdrawal (profit and nonprofit), Sunbiz e-filing by FAX, foreign LLC withdrawal and electronic certification. The Sunbiz.org website allows for document searches of corporations, trademarks, LLC, LP, fictitious names, federal lien registration, LLP or general partnerships, judgment liens, cable franchise list and UCC information. The forms available on the website include corporation forms, LLC or limited liability company forms, judgment lien forms, partnership forms, other forms and fee schedules.

Anyone within Florida or elsewhere around the world can make use of resources at www.sunbiz.org if interested in any of the services provided. Starting a new business in Florida is much easier than in most of the other states also considering the fact that Florida Division of Corporations is a ministerial entity. Millions of records are maintained, activities performed, filing of commercial documents, provision of certification and other useful services either for those interested in starting new businesses or accessing information about existing ones.


Sunbiz Document Searches

by Morris on January 10, 2014

Florida Division of Corporations through www.sunbiz.org allows document search by the public of the information submitted by business entities during their registration. The service is very useful to anyone who intents to file information for a corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, general partnership, trademark or lien and fictitious name registration. Consumers can also make use of the information to make sure they can find legally registered businesses to provide any of the services they need. The Florida Division of Corporations within the Department of State is a ministerial entity and that has significantly constituted to an increase of business formations. There are numerous records at Sunbiz allowing for document searches by anyone interested in using any public information available.

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Document searches at www.sunbiz.org are provided to the public for free and vary depending on the filing system applicable. The details of the search usually include the ability of displaying the image of any actual document that was submitted to Florida Division of Corporations. Document searches targeting corporations, trademarks, limited partnerships and limited liability companies are inquired by name, officer or registered agent, registered agent name, trademark name, trademark owner name, FEI/EIN number and detailed by document number. Sunbiz document search involving fictitious names may inquire by fictitious name, owner name, owner charter number, owner FEI/EIN number, county for prior week, and detail by registration number.

Resources at www.sunbiz.org also allow document searches for limited liability and general partnerships. Information for these is inquired by partnership name, agent or partner name, partnership FEI/EIN number and partnership detail by document number. Document searches on judgment liens are inquired by debtor name and detailed by lien document number. Federal lien registrations document searches are inquired by FLR debtor name and detailed by FLR document number. Document searches at Sunbiz.org can also be done for cable franchises through a cable franchise list.

Sunbiz document searches provide information used in various ways by different parties. Before any engagement with businesses, it is wise to find out if they have been properly provided. By providing resources that allow document searches to citizens, corporations and all business entities, Sunbiz helps in deterring unscrupulous business practices. Before starting a business in Florida, you will also need to search documents at www.sunbiz.org for various reasons including research to know your potential competitors. The fact that Florida Division of Corporations is located in the Department of State with the Secretary of State recognized as the official keeping records and allowing authenticity verification instills great confidence hence promoting business formations.


Sunbiz Electronic Filing And Certification

October 24, 2013

Sunbiz allows submission of information through several ways to the Florida Division of Corporations for filing. It provides not only electronic fax filing but also online filing of documents for annual report, fictitious name registrations, reinstatements, limited liability companies, both profit and nonprofit corporations, judgment liens, limited partnership and electronic certification. In addition to all […]

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How to Use Sunbiz.Org Resources To Start A Business In Florida

October 14, 2013

Www.Sunbiz.Org  is the website for the Florida Division of Corporations and helps a lot when it comes to starting new businesses. The website provides numerous resources needed for the formalization of legal standings of businesses or activities through acceptance and indexation of the filings and registrations. Another broad functional service provided by the Florida Division […]

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Efile.sunbiz.org/ficregintro.html – OnLine Fictitious Name Registration

October 14, 2013

Through www.sunbiz.org, the Florida Division of Corporations provides a page for fictitious name registration. The page cannot be used for fictitious name renewal or to file information for corporations, limited liability companies or limited partnerships. Fictitious name registration is important if you would like to transact business using a name other than your legal name, […]

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